The Spirituality of Horses (click here)

Expected release: Spring 2022

A Tale of Two Tails (click here)

Expected Release: Fall 2021

Therapy Dogs and The Stories They Tell


This remarkable book is filled with fascinating cases from author Diana Lee’s counseling practice. Her wise and intuitive trio of Brussels Griffons repeatedly demonstrate an uncanny ability to tune in to people with problems and to interact in ways that solve them. Therapy Dogs and the Stories They Tell goes right to the heart of any dog lover, as well as any reader using or considering animal-assisted therapy.

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Rustproof Relationships RevisITED:

A Guide to Personal Growth and Achieving Your Dreams and Goals

This book is different. Typical self-help books tell you what’s wrong with you, but neglect to offer any real solutions or lasting change. This one contains stories and examples that make up a primer for essential coping skills. Clear directions and easy-to-follow worksheets make the process of change a positive experience.  Each chapter builds self-awareness and a new perspective that gives birth to a choice: continue to struggle through life with insufficient coping skills, or succeed taking the suggestions placed throughout this book.    
​Part One deals with Personal Growth. These are important issues such as lifting depression, cooling the flames of anger, building positive self-esteem, learning to forgive, grieving the lost years, spotting the difference between grieving and whining, managing emotional triggers and making mistakes skillfully.      

​Part Two is Reaching Dreams and Goals. Here we put an end to procrastination, learn to manage perfectionism and deal with being overwhelmed. We also learn to keep dreams alive, manage fear, make decisions, handle job stress and achieve our dreams and goals.

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M.Ed., M.P.A., PMCTS

Touching the Soul

A therapeutic guide to spiritual and personal growth

Touching the Soul provides a positive, practical how-to guide to help readers learn a new spiritual imagery counseling technique to heal the soul. Readers will find this book easy to follow and inspiring. By numbering the steps in the processes, it breaks down a very complex technique into clear and manageable steps, making it easy for counselors (even those who are beginners) to apply the spiritual imagery in their own practices. The tone is conversational and welcoming, and the anecdotes and case study add a friendly, down-to-earth touch. Readers from a wide variety of spiritual backgrounds can use the book. This book is borne of working with grief in a way that honors the natural self-regulation of emotion (“Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted” Matt. 5:4).

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Rustproof Relationships:

A Guide to Healthy Relationships and Effective Communication Skills

Rustproof Relationships is a primer for essential coping and succeeds without pathologizing the reader. Clear directions, examples, and easy to follow worksheets make the process of change a more palatable and positive experience. 

Part One, “Relationship Skills,” gives you tools such as how to recognize a safe person, fixing a “broken picker,” dealing successfully with sexuality and intimacy. This section will better equip you with skills that will get you the love you want and deserve.    

​Part Two, “Communication Tools,” talks about setting limits, praising others effectively, and dealing with annoying people.  The proper way to set boundaries is discussed – an approach that actually works every time. You will learn to be a more effective listener and connect meaningfully with others.

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A garden is a creation to experience. This book is an intimate view about how Diana experiences her garden as a sacred space. 

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